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EWM Picomig 305 Synergic TKM

Produktnummer: 090-005640-00502
inkl. mva.

Multiprocess MIG/MAG welding machine, compact, portable, Euro torch connector

  • Multiprocess inverter welding machine with simple one-knob operation and integrated wire feeder
  • Welding procedures and functions
  • GMAW standard welding
  • EWM forceArc characteristics for unalloyed steel
  • EWM rootArc characteristics for unalloyed steel
  • Characteristics for steel, CrNi, CuSi, aluminium and flux cored wires
  • MMA welding and TIG lift arc welding
  • Perfect for welding self-shielding flux cored wires
  • Infinitely adjustable arc dynamics (choke effect)
  • Non-latched/latched operation
  • Interval welding
  • Adjustable gas pre- and post-flow time
  • ewm Xnet also available via Xnet LAN/Wi-Fi gateway
  • “Crater fill” end-crater filling function can be selected directly using a push-button on the control:
  • At the end of the welding process, the set welding current is automatically lowered so that potential end-craters in the weld seam can be filled. Lowering the welding current also prevents penetration and cracks in the weld seam and material
  • Your benefits
  • No need to purchase additional characteristics – all characteristics for this machine type are included in the scope of delivery ex works
  • Portable or can be carried on a trolley
  • Comprehensive job list
  • Connection capability for remote control
  • High-precision, powerful EWM eFeed 4-roll wire feed mechanism for secure feeding of all solid and flux cored wires
  • High open circuit voltage for excellent ignition characteristics
  • Energy-saving thanks to high efficiency and standby function
  • Easy, tool-free change of welding polarity
  • Insulated wire space
Merke EWM
Lengde 482.0 mm
Bredde 298.0 mm
Salgsenhet Stk
Min side