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VAUTID 100 Slitestripps 2.900x100x8+5 mm

Produktnummer: 84749089
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VAUTID VVP 100 For highly wear-resistant hardfacing in applications which also involve a low level of shock loading

This composite wear plate comprises a base plate which has been overlaid, using a special metal arc welding process, with our highly abrasion-resistant VAUTID 100 material.

It gains its wear-resistant properties from chrome carbide, embedded in a stable matrix. Their balanced formulation and excellent price-performance ratio make VAUTID 100 composite wear plates the standard solution for a wide range of wear problems.

Recommended applications:

  • Components which are exposed to temperatures up to 350°C.
  • For protecting surfaces that are subject to severe abrasive wear, e.g. mill liners, cyclones and separators.
  • Moving components which operate in abrasive media, e.g. components in crushing and mixing plants, or ventilators.


This welding alloy is also available as a VAUTID hardfacing welding consumable (VAUTID 100).

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