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Trustarc DW-A81Ni1 1,2mm 15 kg (208)

Produktnummer: 81105012
Salgsenhet: Kg ( Selges i Spole à 15 Kg )
Forpakningsinfo: 1 Spole = 15 Kg
inkl. mva.
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208 Råmaterialtillegg ulegert og lavlegert 208

DW-A81Ni1 is a rutile flux cored wire which has been specially formulated to meet the rigorous demands for low temperature
service steels. This wire can also be used for applications where post weld heat treatment is required depending on the
conditions and toughness requirement.
DW-A81Ni1 fulfills NACE requirements for oil and gas production equipment in sour gas service and
these properties make for a varied range of usages in pipeline construction, offshore applications
and pressure vessels.

Merke Kobelco
aws E81T1-Ni1M-J
Forpakning Spole
Salgsenhet Kg
Legering 208
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