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Pressure regulating box PPO/23

Produktnummer: 0640105838
inkl. mva.

The pressure regulating boxes can be connected to the gas line at each point where Oxygen, fuel and inert gases. Pressure can be regulated for all purpose: brazing, oxy-cutting, heating or welding with shieldy gas. The protecting boxes are made entirely of stainless steel, with fixing holes and contain opening-closing valve, reducing valve with gauge, safety valve, for oxygen or fuel gases. odel Modello Media Fluido Operating pressure Pressione di esercizio Max flow Portata max Code Codice bar Nm3/h PPO/23 oxygen ossigeno 1,5÷15 40÷300 0640-105838 PPG/23 fuel gas gas combustibile 0,8÷6 25÷120 0640-105828

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