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Premiarc DW-307 1,2mm 15kg (Leg308)

Produktnummer: 91405012
Salgsenhet: Kg ( Selges i Spole à 15 Kg )
Forpakningsinfo: 1 Spole = 15 Kg
inkl. mva.
Det tilkommer legeringstillegg på dette produktet.
LEG308 Legeringstillegg 308L,Si,H

This is a versatile CrNiMn rutile flux cored wire that operates with a stable, almost spatter free arc to produce a shiny, smooth
weld bead surface with a self-releasing slag.
The weld metal offers exceptionally high ductility and elongation combined with outstanding crack resistance due to the high
manganese content. The weld deposit also work-hardens and provides good wear and friction resistance.

Merke Kobelco
aws ER307
Forpakning Spole
Salgsenhet Kg
Legering LEG308
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