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OK Tubrod 15.50 1,2mm 16kg (208)

Produktnummer: 1550127730
EAN: 7330129146673
Salgsenhet: Kg ( Selges i Spole à 16 Kg )
Forpakningsinfo: 1 Spole = 16 Kg
inkl. mva.
Det tilkommer legeringstillegg på dette produktet.
208 Råmaterialtillegg ulegert og lavlegert 208

OK Tubrodur 15.50 FCAW
Type Metal-cored MF6-55GP
OK Tubrodur 15.50 deposits a weld metal with a
structure consisting of evenly divided, hard chromium
carbides in a martensitic matrix, with a
hardness of HV 600-700.
It is suitable for hardfacing parts subjected to
extremely severe service conditions involving a
combination of impact and abrasion. The weld
deposit can only be machined by grinding.
It is advisable to apply no more than three layers
of weld metal. When badly worn surfaces have to
be rebuilt, it is recommended to begin by using a
tougher weld metal.

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Forpakning Spole
Salgsenhet Kg
Legering 208
EAN 7330129146673
size.weight 0.0 g
size.length 0.0 cm
size.width 0.0 cm
size.height 0.0 cm
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