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OK Autrod 5356 1,2mm 3x2kg (Legal)

Produktnummer: 181512462E
Salgsenhet: Kg ( Selges i Spole à 2.0 Kg )
Forpakningsinfo: 1 Spole = 2.0 Kg
inkl. mva.
Det tilkommer legeringstillegg på dette produktet.
LEGAL Legeringstillegg Aluminium

OK Autrod 5356 is the most widely used welding alloy and can be classified as a general purpose type filler alloy. OK Autrod 5356 is typically chosen because of its relatively high shear strength. The 5XXX alloy base material, welded with OK Autrod 5356, with a weld pool chemistry greater than 3 % Mg and service temperatures in excess of 65 °C are susceptible to stress corrosion cracking. The alloy is non-heat treatable.

Merke ESAB
aws ER5356
Forpakning Spole
Salgsenhet Kg
Legering LEGAL
Opprinnelsesland Slovenia
Tollgruppe / HS kode 76.05.2900
size.weight 0.0 g
size.length 0.0 cm
size.width 0.0 cm
size.height 0.0 cm
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