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Exaton 25.10.4 L (Sandvik) 1,6mm 5kg (Leg 25 94NL)

Produktnummer: S68816R150
Salgsenhet: Kg ( Selges i Pakke à 5 Kg )
Forpakningsinfo: 1 Pakke = 5 Kg
inkl. mva.
Det tilkommer legeringstillegg på dette produktet.
LEG-25-94NL Legeringstillegg 25 94NL

Exaton 25.10.4.L is designed for gas shielded arc welding of superduplex stainless steels, such as UNS S32750 (e.g. SAF™ 2507), UNS S32760 and UNS S31803 / S32205 (e.g. SAF™ 2205). It combines high strength with excellent ductility. Exaton 25.10.4.L can also be used for joining UNS S32750 and S32760 to carbon steel or low-alloy steels. Exaton 25.10.4.L can also be used for welding duplex stainless steels when the highest possible corrosion resistance is required. The grade is characterized by excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride-bearing environments and excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion. Its corrosion resistance is equal to UNS S31254 (e.g. Alleima® 254SMO™) in most applications.

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aws 25 9 4NL
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Legering LEG-25-94NL
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