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EWM tigSpeed oscillation drive 45 hotwire

Produktnummer: 090-000180-00502
inkl. mva.

TIG cold/hot wire feeder

  • TIG cold/hot wire feeder
  • Constant wire feed, oscillating wire feed and TIG superPuls
  • High process reliability and much easier handling compared to manual TIG welding
  • Areas of application: Low-, medium- and high-alloy materials; CrNi; nickel-based alloys, copper and copper alloys; aluminium and aluminium alloys (only cold wire); P91/P92 special alloys
  • Suitable for mobile use thanks to optional trolley
  • Optimum protection for intermediate hose packages thanks to strain relief
  • Operating point adjustment via remote control directly at the workstation
  • Can be used with any TIG welding machine
  • Workpiece lead to connect the hot wire current is included in the supply package
  • TIG cold wire welding:
  • Up to 60% faster welding speeds compared to manual TIG welding
  • TIG hot wire welding:
  • The welding speed is significantly increased even more compared to cold wire welding.
  • Huge advantages for cladding thanks to reduced dilution in the weld pool as a result of targeted heat input
  • Constant wire feeding:
  • Ideal for mechanised/automated applications and TIG cladding
  • Less distortion thanks to reduced heat input
  • Smooth, uniform seam finish
  • Oscillating wire feeding:
  • The wire is fed continuously, at the same time the wire is moved forwards and backwards at a freely adjustable frequency (1-16 Hz)
  • Easy handling, even for positional welding
  • Highly stable process: the arc remains stable when the gap between the electrode and workpiece changes
  • Excellent sidewall fusion
  • Reduces risk of undercuts
  • Fine-flaked weld surface
  • Filler and cover passes
  • Optimum results with high-alloy materials
  • Superpuls with two wire feed speeds:
  • Continual switch between two wire feed speeds
  • Superpuls “start/stop”:
  • Continual switch between wire feeding and wire stop
  • Particularly suitable for PA, PB and PC position
  • Superpuls “reverse”:
  • Continual switch between wire feeding and wire return
  • Optimally suitable for positional welding and thin sheet processing
Merke EWM
Lengde 531.0 mm
Bredde 377.0 mm
Salgsenhet Stk
Min side